Excess Baggage


If life were a rail-track, then I’m at a train station
And I sit here on a bench
One by one, I’ve seen them come and go, countless times
Nomads of a transient world
Different pages of my book
And as each train stops, they get off, weary and tired
Carrying their excess baggage
Often with scars and bruises of a journey so hard visible in their faces

And if they choose to find me
Then I’ll pour my heart in a cup and present it
As a present for the present
Because the past may have been too harsh so I teach them to let it go
And let them know
That somebody out here cares, cares more than they can ever care
And let that be my source of pride, for they can never take that away, ever

While we sit together, exchanging our stories and adventures
Sharing our warmth, the sights of our souls
And tales of wonder, of wandering around the world
Oh, how I have travelled so much, by just sitting here at this bench

Wiser we become through trial and error
A few laughs, a few tears, a few moments worthy of reminiscence
I have witnessed them all and I must tell you
That love has no colour, language or accent
It will find its way and shine through
And in its purest form will solely intend to strengthen our spirits
And the strongest shall be those who have loved
Not once but endlessly

As the next train’s horn blares from the vicinity
We look at each other realizing that our time is over
Which may explain why I’ve become so bad at hellos and so good at goodbyes
Its time to let go once again, to forget another name
A final embrace
And they all have left, the same way, onto a different train
Back on their journey, onto a brand new page
With a lighter heart, renewed spirit and a wiser soul

And I still sit here at this bench, surrounded by the excess baggage they all have left behind

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